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Find out what USA has in store for you with USA Visit Visa Consultants

The USA is the most amazing yet beautiful country that most of the people dream to visit once in their lifetime. If you are also the one who has a dream of exploring the USA once in their lifetime, then get happy as we are here to fulfil your wish of visiting the USA by providing you the visa without any hassles.

It is impossible to think about visiting any other country without a visa because the visa is something you need to explore any country you want. For many people, applying for the visa is quite a daunting task, but our USA visit visa consultants in Canadathink out of the box and make your wish come true without any kind of difficulties.

All you need to know before applying for a visa with theUSA Visit Visa Consultants

  • You have to mention the purpose of the visit when filling up the visa application form. Whether you are visiting the USA for medical facilities, exploring the scenic beauty, business purposes, meeting family, or any other purpose, you require mentioning the purpose in the application form so as to get the temporary visa for a specific time period.
  • Before applying for the USA visa, you have to make sure that you have enough funds to spend in the USA. You get a visa on the basis of your financial status.
  • If you really want to visit the USA, make sure you should not have any type of criminal records.
  • Applicants who are planning to visit the USA for meeting their relatives or friends, they should have an invitation letter from the relatives or friends living in the USA. The visa application for such applicants depends on the invitation letter they receive.

Whether you wish to apply for a fresh USA visa or you wish to renew your visa, USA visit visa consultants in Canada can assist you in both the cases. Let us handle all your worries and stress regarding USA visa application.

LCC InfoTech is among the leading names for the visa services. We are active in the market for the last many years. We are successfully delivering our fabulous visa services all across the country. LCC InfoTech is well-recognized for its easy and smooth guidance for the visa. A team of highly qualified experts understand your every need and provide suitable solutions and advice. We are among the most reliable and reasonable USA Visit Visa Consultants.

We are one of the best Consultants in US visas which are the toughest visas to get. The focus is on the applicant’s personal interview and the supporting documents. The interview lasts only for few minutes, the outcome of your case is decided by the precise answers you give plus the other factors.  LCC  Overseas Consultancy would train and guide you for the gruelling interview process. We would also advise you on documents, case presentation, filling online application forms, scheduling interviews and conduct mock interview sessions to fully prepare you for your appointment at the embassy.

USA Visit Visa Consultants/Business Visa/Tourist Visa


This USA business visa allows people to enter the US for a temporary period for business, pleasure or to receive medical treatment.

Types of USA Visa:

USA visitor visa has divided into two different sections. Each section has some specifications. These two types of the USA visa are:usa visit visa consultants

B1- USA Business visa allows individuals to travel to the US for the purpose of business meetings, seminars, conferences, consultation, buying goods or materials etc. You are not allowed to work or get paid for your services whilst in the US.

B2- USA Tourist Visa/ Visit Visa is meant for those who seek to enter the US as a tourist, visit family and friends, receive medical treatment, participate in events, conventions and conferences, attend funerals etc. You are not allowed to work and are expected to depart at the end of your authorized stay.

Basic requirements for USA Visit Visa:


We are one of the leading companies to process the highest numbers of immigration in our country. Main reason behind this achievement is our dedicated team and hurdle-free process. Basic requirements for USA visit visa are:

  • Legal and valid passport
  • Invitation letter
  • Purpose of the travel
  • Financial stability
  • Bank statements
  • Income proof and tax payments
  • Interview confirmation page

The interview is a compulsory step of USA Visit visa process. Once, your all documents are prepared you can book your interview online. We also suggest to all applicants to carry their original copies of the documents at interview.

Few good reason why choose LCC InfoTech?


We, LCC InfoTech are one of the most reliable and affordable USA Visit Visa Consultants of the country. Here are the good reasons why to choose our USA Visit Visa Consultants services over others. These are:

  • We have everything under one roof. From business visa to study visa, you will get everything with us at LCC InfoTech.
  • We believe in the long-term association, thus we offer everything systematically. Our systematic and strategic base is the actual strength.
  • We have country’s best consultants/experts in the market who are dedicated, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. You will notice these qualities yourself.
  • We follow each step by keeping legal aspects in the mind. Therefore, you will get transparency in dealing.
  • We have the most affordable charges. We also offer flexible payment options with NO VISA NO CHARGES approach.

Immigration policies of USA Visa are unpredictable. So, don’t take these unpredictable rules for granted. Apply for your visa today under the guidance of LCC InfoTech.

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Why the USA is a great place to visit?


USA is a great place to visit for various purposes, be it for travelling purpose, availing medical facilities, or starting a career. Such reasons prompt a person to move to USA to observe and enjoy the scenic beauty of the USA. The great diversity in regions and landscapes including the coastal areas, desert area, mountains, Caribbean beaches, and lakes makes the USA a diversified destination. Some of the worth visiting places in the USA:

  • Yellowstone
  • Walt Disney
  • Casinos in Las Vegas
  • Alaska
  • Tropical beaches of Florida
  • Grand Canyon
  • Niagra Falls

So, if your dream destination is the USA, don’t let your dream fad away, trust LCC InfoTech that helps you to fulfill your dream by providing you USA visit visa with ease and convenience. Let our USA visit visa consultants handle all your documentation and visa approval work and free yourself from any approval formalities.

Visit USA with the USA visit visa:


For visiting any country, you need Visa which is an authorized document that permits you to visit any country for a specific time period. Usually, the visit visas for the USA are authorized for around 3 months to a maximum of 10 years of the time period. We have USA immigration specialists who are capable of extending your visa for another 6 months on the basis of INS approval. Requirements you need to apply for the USA visa:

  • Ensure that you mention the reason for your USA visit like travel purpose, medical treatment or business and job related.
  • Let the authorities know the specific time period for which you want to stay in the USA.

All the applicants applying for USA visit visas are to be interviewed at the US Consulate before getting the visa for the USA. USA Immigration specialists at LCC InfoTech make you an expert in answering all the questions asked at the time of interview. Our aim is to assure you the success of getting the visitor visa.

Steps of Application process for USA Visit Visa:

  • Pay visa application fees:

All the applicants applying for the visa under non-immigrant category are required to pay the fees for getting a Visa, while those apply for the visa for office or business process need not to pay any application fees for the visa.

  • Scheduling an appointment for the visa:

Once you get the visa application fee receipt, you can schedule an interview appointment for the visa according to your availability. Before scheduling an appointment, make sure you have all required relevant documents with you.

  • Appear for the interview for the visa:

Prepare well for the visa interview where you are asked the reason for your visit to the USA. Our USA immigration specialists help you in preparing well for the visa interview.

  • Visa approval and collecting visa via courier:

Once you clear the Visa interview, you may get your visa document at your home via post in few days after the interview.

So, if you are visiting the USA, put all the visa related burden on us and we will help you to ease your visa burden by providing best USA immigration specialists.

Reason for refusal of USA Visit Visa:


There might be several reasons of refusals for the USA Visit Visa that have been mainly occurring after the 11th September terrorist attacks, but no need to panic as LCC is there to guide you at every step of your visa process. Therefore, it is important for an applicant knowing that in what cases, visa might get rejected and refused. Following are the refusal reasons for the visitor visa:

  • Not able to submit all the required documents.
  • Not having sufficient funds to apply for the visa.
  • Criminal record.
  • Inefficient to prove your identity and other details.

Although insufficient information might return back your visa applications, but it never means that your visa application will be rejected. It might only lead to delay in your visa approval. At LCC InfoTech, we take care of such things prior to application submission so that you could get your visa in first attempt.