Consult Study Visa Consultants for Canada to get the quality education

Study Visa Consultants for CanadaCanada is the preferred destination for international students because of its wonderful natural landscapes, world class education standards, diversified culture, and unbeatable lifestyle. Canada is well-known for maintaining high benchmark for quality academics and offers the better education system to the students. Around 13 universities of Canada fall under the World’s Top 200 universities and out of which 3 universities fall under the top 50 universities in the world. If you have a dream of studying in the renowned universities of Canada, get in touch with our study visa consultants for Canada to make your dream come true.

How to apply for a visa with Study Visa Consultants for Canada?

Step 1:

Attend the counselling session provided by our study visa consultants for Canada to find out the best study options, best courses, and best universities in Canada.


Register with us to start your admission and visa procedure. We provide free counselling and make studying overseas easier for you.

Step 3:

Once you planned what course and which university you wish to study, we will assist you in completing the application to the institutions you have shortlisted. You are required to submit several documents at the time of admission procedure like your academic qualifications, and proof of English language ability via IELTS, TOEFL, GRE score, etc. Our study visa consultants for Canada also help you in providing with the checklist of documents to be submitted during the visa process.

If you submit an application through us, we make it possible for you to keep track of the application progress by sending you automatic notifications. We also ensure to keep track of the application by keeping in touch with the institution itself.

Step 4:

Once you submit your application to the institution with us, the next step is to undertake the medical examination by a doctor who is approved by the Canadian Government. After undertaking the medical examination, you will be given a receipt that you are required to submit during the visa procedure. With the help of that receipt, your medical report will be sent automatically to the visa office.

Step 5:

The next step is to provide with the evidence of purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate by a Canadian financial institution for the total amount of around 10,000 dollars CAD towards living expenses of the first year and proof of payment for tuition fees of the first year.

Step 6:

In order to get offer letter from an education provider, you need to pay your tuition fees either via Direct Debit or Telegraphic Transfer. Our study visa consultants for Canada assist you in arranging payment method of your choice.

Step 7:

To lodge the visa application, you are required to submit certain documents and similar to the admission procedure, we at LCC Info Tech assure you to keep track of your visa application.

Step 8:

As soon as we come to know about the outcome of your visa, we will notify you so that you could collect your passport as quickly as possible and start preparing for your new life.

LCC InfoTech assists you in fulfilling your dream of studying in the renowned institution of Canada. We have a team of dedicated and experienced Study Visa Consultants for Canada who would guide you well and would satisfy you by catering your all needs.