If you’ve heard or read about SAP, you’d know all about how good of a software it is for business and all things related to an organization and what they need to deal with. For those of you who don’t, SAP is an acronym for Systems Applications Products which is essentially a software that deals with business applications in real time. It was introduced back in the 80s when it became famous because of its user interface being quite flexible. It’s quite useful even in today’s age and as a result, getting SAP online training in Canada is something you should definitely go for if you’re hoping to build a career in any aspect of a business or organizational structure.

SAP as a software’s GUI or Graphical User Interface has changed a lot over the years with each update making it better and handier. SAP opens up a plethora of uses that it can fulfill but mainly, it works synonymously with a company’s business model, their management and finances. Having a software that allows one to plan an enterprise’s resources is very important in today’s business and as such, so is SAP online training in Canada. Learning this, you can realize the true potential of SAP in being able to look over sales, human resources, inventory management, checking production, deliveries, finances, etc of any enterprise.

When it comes to learning SAP, there are certain Modules that you can learn, and we at LCC Infotech encourage our students to. SAP modules serve different purposes and it is quite important to choose a SAP module that one’s interested in before going for SAP online training in Canada.

Different types of SAP Modules and their Importance in SAP Certification Programs:

  • Material Management Module:

The material management module is a very important module that you can learn as part of your SAP training from LCC Infotech. SAP MM module deals with managing or handling the inventory of all the materials required in a company on a daily basis. Following are some aspects to this module:

  • Making purchase of the materials
  • Receiving these goods
  • Storing these goods in an order, properly
  • Deeming how to use this material
  • Making an inventory of the materials received, stored and used


  • Sales and Distribution Module:

If you opt for LCC Infotech’s SAP online training in Canada, then learning this module will get you well versed with being able to deal with the sales and distribution processes in any organization. This will walk you through dealing with a customer’s order, to the processes in between and to finally deliver this product. Here are some aspects of this module:


  • The initial stage involves planning how the product or service will be sold, involving the sales support and other personnel
  • The Master data of this process including the sales order is entered into the system that you are operating
  • After this, you’ll oversee that the product that’s meant to fulfill the order placed, is correctly identified, packaged and shipped
  • Shipped goods need to be identified while in delivery and checked en route to a transport facility before being delivered
  • Depending on the company’s payment procedure, payment of the product will be then entered by you as part of the ‘Sales Information’ into the system

Apart from these two, there are other various SAP modules like Production planning (PP), Plant maintenance (PM), Project systems (PS), etc that you can learn from our SAP online training in Canada course. LCC Infotech will ensure that you are ready for today’s market and industry with our certified SAP ERP training courses.

Why should you opt for LCC Infotech’s SAP Online Training Course?

As you can see, SAP is the definitive software that is of paramount importance in IT Technology nowadays. Because of how important it has become, being used by almost every high-ranking company, enterprise or organization, here are some arguments to consider taking LCC Infotech’s SAP training:

  • Our team of SAP trainers and teachers are experienced and skilled experts who will guide you through learning fundamentals, basics and even the advanced stages. When you opt for our SAP online training in Canada, you receive added bonuses such as customizing what you want to learn, freedom of learning whenever you want and complete privacy.
  • Our team of trainers at LCC Infotech will ensure that you learn all there is about each and every module that you wish to understand and master. You can choose from Security modules, functional modules, technical modules and others.
  • We, at LCC Infotech understand that you require a training course that can help you place yourself in some of the leading companies and brands in the market. You’ll be pleased to know that our batches include many who have been able to utilize their newly learnt skill sets in the field of SAP in building a career at other organizations and companies.
  • Moreover, you would never have to worry about the quality of teaching or the budget since our main objective as part of our SAP online training in Canada is to be able to provide SAP training to all those who require it, at affordable packages.

Learning from our SAP training experts, you can rest assured that you will receive all the right certifications that you need in this field to excel. As a SAP It worker, you can go on to enjoy a lucrative, rewarding career if you can stick to your goals. This is because SAP consultants are always required in the industry, people who can handle the particular SAP module that’s necessary. Therefore, it is advisable that you opt for LCC Infotech’s SAP online training course and ensure that you undergo the right training and course to become a certified SAP expert.