Top ways to migrate to Canada in a Hassle-Free Manner

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Canada is hands down one of the most preferable countries to migrate to. Numerous social and job benefits, social climate, and a diverse cultural environment make it one of the most receptive countries for immigrants.

If you wish to migrate to this prosperous country then you can take the help of top Immigration Consultants for Canada and try out the following ways.

Easiest and fastest ways to migrate to Canada

1) Visit Visa

By acquiring Visit Visa you can plan a holiday in Canada look for work. You can make some connections and meet with future employers. It is important to know that a visitor cannot work on Visit Visa in Canada. The applicant is also not allowed to lie on his visa application form. Giving wrong information can make an applicant inadmissible. Thus, the correct manner is to visit Canada on a holiday make some connections, come back and apply for the jobs.  You can seek top Immigration Consultants for Canada and ask their advice for the same.

2) Study permit

The universities in Canada are the best for foreign students. The educational institutes are good not only in terms of quality of education but also in terms of positive reception. One of the easiest ways to get into Canada is to seek a Study permit. Many universities also offer permanent residence for the graduates. To know about the process of applying and acquiring studypermit, you can contact top Immigration Consultants for Canada.

3) Spousal Sponsorship

The permanent residents of Canada have an option to sponsor their better-halves for a Canadian visa. In other words, marrying someone with Canadian citizenship is an easy way to get into Canada. It is, however, should be noted that there have been numerous cases of fraudulent marriages for visa acquisition. Once an applicant marries a citizen in Canada, IRCC keeps a check until the marriage is approved. You can learn more in this regard by contacting the top Immigration Consultants for Canada.

4) Work Permit

 For semi-skilled and skilled workers work permit is an easy way to get into Canada.  Generally, the best way to go about it is asking someone you know in Canada to look for employers hiring outsiders. If they come through for you, you can apply for a job and get the work permit. Once you have gained experience working in the country, you can gain permanent citizenship. The given programs allow for permanent citizenship

  • Provinces Semi-skilled or skilled workers
  • Trades program
  • Federal skilled worker
  • CEC

You can take the help of top Immigration Consultants for Canada and know more about the work permit.

5) Trade agreements

Canadian government offers trade agreements for the citizen of certain countries. The citizens of Chile, Colombia, Peru, Switzerland, the United States of America, Mexico, Norway, Mexico, Panama, Jordan, Israel, Iceland, Costa Rica, and Liechtenstein can work without Labour Market option in Canada. The residents of these countries can work for a Canadian company, its affiliate, parent company, or its subsidiary. The list of the countries will increase in future but right now only the nomads of these countries can benefit under ‘Nafta Visa’. You can contact any of the top Immigration Consultants for Canada and keep a check on developments.

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These were some of the ways which can help you to enter a prosperous country like Canada. To know more, please take the help of experts. Reach out to top Immigration Consultants for Canada and plan your immigration.

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