Thinking of travelling to Canada? Whenever you think of travelling to another country, the first thing that strikes in mind is Passport and Visa. Passport and Visa are two most important documents as it authorizes you to travel to another country. So, travelling to abroad without a passport and visa is not possible. Applying for the visa might seem to be complex, but it may look simple too, if proper instructions are followed for applying visa. Even when you have to apply for a passport, you need to follow certain instructions carefully so as to get it as soon as possible. There are many top immigration consultants for Canada, but you need to be wise enough to choose the best one for you.

top immigration consultants for canada

Nowadays, there are many consultants who provide great help to apply for Visa to many countries such as Canada. First of all, you need to ensure that whether you are eligible to apply for a Visa to Canada or not. Immigration consultants for Canada are really strict when it comes to dealing with the visa issue. You need to give a valid reason for your visit to Canada. You need to follow proper steps of procedure to apply for the visa as well as passports. There are some international travelers who do not need to apply for visa again and again, but for that they need to meet with some of the important requirements.

Some of the Top immigration consultants for Canada in India:


  • LCC Infotech- It is one of the top immigration consultants for Canada. Its office is located in Hyderabad. It has been doing really well when it comes to carving a niche for itself in a very short span of time. It is very well know in Hyderabad and it is quite famous for its unbeatable services. Due to the increasing demand of the IT services, it has resulted in its establishment. The tough competition all over the world has made LCC Infotech to come up as the best one.


  • Y-Axis- It is quite famous in Delhi. It has been almost half a decade from now that we are established here. They have guided more than 1000s of people from Delhi to study abroad and invest overseas. It still continues to guide more people every day. They can say that on an average approximate 50 people walk into our office every day for the immigration. They have a team of very young and enthusiastic staffs who guide the candidates for the complete process. Our office is located in the International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi.


  • Visas Avenue- When it comes to choosing a perfect guide for your immigration purpose and that too in the capital city Visas Avenue is the name you must rely completely upon. It rightly deserves to be on the top list. It is well known in India also. They provide very dedicated client services. We have helped a lot of people to migrate overseas to the countries like UK, Canada, USA and Australia. It has received lots of appreciation for its clients and they are quite satisfied with our services.


  • GEPSI Immigration Services- Their efficient directors at GEPSI Immigration Services have been providing guidance to 1000s of people who we willing to travel overseas since 1994. They always make sure that you get an opportunity to settle in a peaceful and stable environment and help you become the part of the landscape. They provide tailor made and simplified service to the candidates. According to them Canada is a land of opportunities, be it for work or education, they are doing really well in it.


  • Seven Seas- It is a Delhi based education consultancy. It is highly professional when it comes to management and is spreading its wings all over the world. It aims at providing global education to all. It provides customized counseling to all its candidates. They also take care of their visa arrangement, accommodation, travel and further processing. They have a group of staffs who have dynamic knowledge of countries like Canada, Germany and New Zealand. They use very advanced technology while dealing with their candidates.  


  • Immigration Overseas- It is a full service provider immigration consultancy firm which has its headquarter in Delhi. It is certified under MARA and ICCRC. We are engaged in providing overseas immigration to our clients. We are principally committed to provide good and reliable services. They assure that you will not face any problem after reaching there. Their staff over there will help you reach your accommodation and will guide you with the roads and states over there. They work completely in a different way when it comes to providing services to the clients.


  • Abhinav- It is a quite framed and trusted immigration consultancy which has started working since 1994. Their motive it to help the people who are looking forward to immigrate to overseas. They help guide and navigating the candidates. It helps completing the full procedure in full fruitful manner. They help Permanent Residence and Temporary Residence. They help provide visas for countries like Canada, UK, Hon Kong and Australia. They have proved to be quite reliable and trusted services.


  • Global Immigration- The pioneer consultant over there is Mr. Ajay Sharma. This company has been operational since 1994 with its major headquarters all over India. It has expanded its services all over India and is doing really well. It has many satisfied clients who are happy and have settled somewhere in overseas. Abhinav is a home to legal experts, professionals and consultants experienced in immigration and visa processes. It is doing really well in this field.


Listed above are some of the popular immigration consultants for Canada that offer the best services and guidance to the people who seek to visit Canada and need visa to visit Canada. If you stay in Hyderabad, then you can consult LCC Info Tech that is one of the top Immigration consultants for Canada providing consultation to visit Canada at affordable prices.