Things you should consider while selecting an Immigration Consultant for relocating to Canada

Top Immigration Consultants for Canada

Canada has always been the hot – favorite amongst the Indians looking forward to relocating abroad. Hence, the number of visa applications soar skywards each year. However, only a few amongst these millions of application gets selected for a Permanent Residency of Work Permit for Canada. Also, since most of the applicants lack proper knowledge about the guidelines and requisites related to application procedure, their plea tends to get discharged by the embassies. Hence, the intervention of top immigration consultants for Canada becomes important in order to process the application successfully.

There are several immigration consultancies mushrooming every other day. Most of them are not even authorized to extend visa consultancy services or do not have an office space to operate from. Very few immigration consultants for Canada can be relied upon and are genuine. The question that arises here is how does one differentiate between the two? Shared below are a few tips that will help you in choosing authentic visa services:

What should you look out for while selecting top immigration consultants for Canada?

  • Figure out if the team has invested on a dedicated and expert Canadian Immigration team.
  • The immigration consultants must be aware of the latest Express entry scheme for Canada in congregation with other manual application procedures.
  • The processing charges for the visa application should not be unreasonable.
  • The consultancy must cover each and every aspect involved the process of application such as extending assistance for visa filing, monitoring the application from time to time and creation of applicant profile online.
  • A dedicated officer should be appointed to look after your application process.


Top immigration consultants for Canada are usually known to provide absolute value for money services to their clients. However, it does not eliminate the chances of a few fraudulent consultants to mislead their clients. Such instances can lead to multiple setbacks like loss of visa application opportunities, loss of money spent in the application process, loss of visa application documents, etc. It is necessary for the immigration consultancy is registered with an immigration regulatory body of the respective nation. Firms should always be preferred over freelancers immigration consultants as companies will be having a registered office setup to operate from. Already established and Top immigration consultants for Canada will never try to tempt you into applying a visa by offering job guarantee. The ones that do are mostly fake.

Also, most applicants have a misconception that it is not possible to procure a Canadian Permanent Residency without having a job offer in hand. You will be surprised to know that this is not the case. Unlike a couple of other countries, it is not mandatory to have a job offer in hand in order to relocate to Canada. Thanks to a few immigration programs that allow applicants to obtain a permanent residency visa for Canada without a job. For instance, if you happen to be a highly skilled worker in such case you shall be eligible to apply a PR for Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program. Top immigration consultants for Canada will be able to guide you through the various processes through which you shall be able to procure a PR or WP as desired.

In order to qualify for a Federal Skilled Workers Visa Program, an applicant should mandatorily score 67 points out of 100. These points depend on the six factors of eligibility such as proficiency in language, work tenure, age, etc.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) which is the regulatory body of Canada Immigration, clearly specifies on its site the names of the immigration consultants who can legally file visa petitions with the departments on behalf of their clients. These lawfully authorized representatives are the members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Now that you are aware of all the requisites of selecting a top immigration consultant for Canada, make a prudent choice while selecting one.

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