If you are a Canadian citizen and you wish to bring your husband or wife to Canada for staying with you, there is an opportunity to make it possible with the help of Spousal visa program.To get the entry into Canada via spousal visa program is possible only if the sponsor is legally married to the spouse. No matter whether it is the same-sex marriage or opposite-sex marriage, the marriage should be legal as per the Canadian law as well as the country where the marriage took place. We, at LCC Info Tech, have a team of highly professional Spousal Visa Consultants in Canada who are expert in assisting you to get the spousal visa as quickly as you want.

The main idea behind such family class visas introduced by the Canadian Government is to let families reunite and live together happily.

Who can sponsor his or her spouse for Spousal Visa Program in Canada?

To be a sponsor of the spousal visa program, you should be:

  • A person should be at least 18 years old.
  • A permanent resident living in the Canada or a Canadian citizen registered in the Canada
  • A sponsor should have enough income to fulfill the expenses of his or her spouse.

Once you become a sponsor, you can sponsor:

  • Common-law partner.
  • Dependent child.
  • Conjugal partner.

Applicants who wish to migrate to Canada under this type of program can be able to apply for employment opportunities in the country without any constraint. This program is also one of the easiest ways to become a permanent resident in the Canada, what all you need is a minimum residency requirement of three years. The eligibility criteria of an applicant applying under spousal visa program varies in several ways. For example, there are different eligibility criteria for a common-law partner, spouse, and conjugal partner.

Eligibility criteria for a spouse(Opposite Sex):

  • In case, you are a spouse of the Canadian citizen, you need to come up with the marriage certificate in the case if the marriage has taken place in the Canada.
  • If the marriage has taken place outside the Canada, your marriage proof needs to be validated by the law of the country where it took place as well as by the Canadian law.

Spousal visa consultants in Canada at LCC Info Tech are always available to assist you in fulfilling your wish of staying together with your spouse in Canada come true.

Eligibility criteria for a same-sex spouse:

To prove your marriage with the same-sex partner, you need to make sure that your marriage certificate should have been issued after or on the dates of the law of same-sex marriage set in their countries. For example, same-sex marriage came into the law in Quebec in the year 2004. So, if your same-sex marriage has taken place in the Quebec, your marriage certificate should have been issued after or as per the date of the law. If you have any kind of queries related to immigration to Canada, never feel hesitated in asking our highly experienced spousal visa consultants in Canada.

Eligibility criteria for a Conjugal partner:

This type of visa program is valid only in the most extreme cases. If the parties are not able to be eligible for spouse immigration or common-law partner because of some circumstances, they can apply as the conjugal partner under spousal visa program. This is valid for both opposite sex as well as same-sex partners. Many times, marrying each other is not possible because the country where a person lives, does not accept the same-sex marriages. It may also happen that parties could not marry each other due to the marital status because, in many countries, the society does not allow divorced people to get married.

So, in such case, you can apply for the spousal visa only if your relationship is dedicated and you both have been in a relationship for at least 1 year. Our Spousal Visa consultants in Canada can help you in getting the visa as a conjugal partner without any trouble.

Eligibility criteria for a common-law partner:

Whether it is your same-sex relationship or opposite-sex relationship, you need to prove that both of you have been living together for more than one year. To get entry into Canada, it is really essential for you to prove this fact.

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