SAP Simple Finance Training Institutes in Hyderabad


Companies today are required to be dynamic and adaptive in terms of their external environment. One of the best ways to stay competitive in the market is to implement new technologies for business processes. CFOs today need real time data to make effective business decisions. In such a situation, non-adaptive ERP’s have become ineffective.

SAP Simple Finance for Professionals in Finance Department


Designed for SAP HANA, SAP Simple Finance is a financial solutions portfolio that is designed to meet specific financial challenges faced by companies. By delivering real-time analytics across varied financial dimensions, SAP Simple Finance comes to the rescue of financial departments and CFOs. By leveraging SAP HANA, this tool reduces the complexity of financial details so as to enable CFOs and financial departments to work effectively and strategically.

Benefits of implementing SAP Simple Finance in an Organization


  • It facilitates technology simplification by driving processes that eliminate data problems like redundancies, replications and reconciliations.
  • Adapt your company’s processes with evolving business models
  • Focus on the critical tasks by optimizing processes
  • Ease problems with migration via the non disruptive migration path
  • Make better decisions with timely insights

SAP Simple Finance covers the following finance operations: Financial planning, Analytics, Accounting, Financial close, Risk management, Treasury, Collaborative operations, Enterprise risk and compliance.

How SAP Simple Finance Training Can Help a Company


Training in SAP Simple Finance can offer multiple benefits to an organization. By offering various applications spread across varied functions like planning, accounting, compliance, consolidation, etc, SAP Simple Finance is able to ease the financial woes of your a business organization.

The comprehensive financial solution can be deployed in both, on premise and in the cloud. The finance solution’s ease of use and ability to deliver real-time insights will be greatly advantageous, once implemented at any company looking to simplify and optimize its financial processes.

Get the best SAP Simple Finance Training in Hyderabad


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