Responsibilities of Study Visa Consultants Towards Students

Study Visa Consultants

Finally, it seems Indians have started realizing the significance of higher education for a successful and a sustainable career. The enrollment in the Colleges and Universities in the country has increased manifold in the last one decade.

Thousands of new colleges and Universities have come up in the country in last 2-3 years. Still, education institutes in the country are falling short of space to accommodate new students. The demand of opening new colleges and universities is picking up. In the coming years, we may see more new higher education institutes coming up in the country.

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One more significant development in the education sector of the country is that more and more students in the country now prefer to go abroad for pursuing higher education. One of the main reasons for it is the poor standard of higher education in India in comparison to the countries like UK, Singapore, Canada, Australia etc. The poor infrastructure of the colleges and Universities in India is another reason why most students in India now prefer to move abroad for higher studies rather than choosing to study in the country. All the students those want to move abroad for higher education get help of study visa consultants to make the visa process easy and these consultants handle the whole process and also provide free counseling.

Challenges Students Face Who Aspire to Study Abroad


It is not easy to get admission abroad in the desired university. In India, you were competing with the local students only, and outside, you have to compete with the meritorious students from all over the world.  So it needs a proper planning to ensure admission in a university of your choice.

The abroad education consultants will do all the work for you from selecting a country, College or University to availing bursaries and scholarships.  They will tell you about the merits and demerits of all the popular colleges and Universities abroad. And in the event of failure suggesting students, alternative universities in terms of priority.

Roles Played by Abroad Education Consultants


 Some roles played by abroad education consultants are as follows:

  1. One of the primary responsibilities of an education consultant for Abroad is to make all the arrangements for admission of a student. He/she will, first of all, bring the student to the expected level of qualifying tests.  The result of the qualifying exam will decide the future course of action.
  2. They have to identify a college or a University abroad according to the TOEFL score of student.
  3. Apart from admission procedure, they should help students in identifying the areas of their strength. Forwarding recommendations to the concerned authorities is one more duty, a consultant is supposed to fulfill.
  4. The education consultants educate students about what they should and should not do when it comes to academic emergencies like lagging behind in course progress, cancellation of enrollment at the last minute. And what can a student do during an emergency situation to return home country temporarily?
  5. There are certain deadlines that a student needs to follow but in case a deadline is past, a student needs to follow a certain procedure to renew the date of Visa or a Course intake date.

Visa is a primary requirement to travel abroad and if the student fails to get or renew visa on time that can lead to a complicated situation for him/her.  Here comes the role of study visa consultants into play. You can fulfill your dreams of study abroad with Canada study visa consultants. They play a crucial advisory role to ensure that the students don’t face any trouble regarding the visa approval. Issues pertaining to the transfer of fees and Visa approval are the two important responsibilities of the education consultants.  They guide students through a procedure that leads to obtaining the visa.

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