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The other name for S4 HANA is SAP Business Suite, for SAP HANA. This is the next generation, innovative business suite from SAP. The S4 HANA  operates on SAP HANA, the most advanced of in memory database platforms. It is based on the most advanced design principles, providing the SAP Fiori user experience. There are three options that are available-the hybrid, cloud and the on –premises. It is possible to source S4 HANA, from the cloud and Fiori is basically one of the graphical user interfaces.

S4 HANA is a simple way of driving businesses, with real-time connection between devices, people and business networks and brings forward various new models in the business. S4 HANA remains the best choice for digital transformation. The technology allows the easy remodeling of things.

S4 HANA institutes in Hyderabad

SAP is one of the most effective areas in IT, that had offered tremendous job opportunities, for the aspirants. S4 HANA is the latest entrant in the SAP Business group. You need to choose among the best S4 HANA institutes in Hyderabad, if you are keen to pick up the skills on one of these latest technologies. The choice of the best S4 HANA institutes in Hyderabad, by the learner is based on various parameters. The courses are generally provided by experienced and qualified professionals, for fulfilling the objective of a successful career path. There are online courses that offer flexibility in timing, for the employees of an organization.

SAP S4 HANA and SAP Simple Finance

SAP Simple Finance is an add-on product, which seats on top of the SAP ERP Product. The SAP Simple Finance is SAP accounting, that is empowered with SAP HANA. The other areas covered are the SAP Cash Management, SAP Integrated Business Planning . There are other areas of innovative services, for collaborative financial operations and also treasury and financial risk management. Universal Journal is the single line item table, that is formed in place of the FI and CO tables, as existing in the previous versions.

What do you need to know for SAP Simple Finance?

  • You must be aware of certain factors, before you jump on the SAP Simple Finance. Following are some of these:
  • There is no compatibility between the SAP Simple finance and the industry solutions and the add-ons on SAP ERP. There must be a careful assessment of the compatibility factor.
  • There will be an impact on the training materials or the documentation, while new skill sets are acquired.
  • The migration of the application data must be prepared, before the Finance add-ons are installed. The Finance add-ons are installed with the help of the Software Update Manager (SCM).
  • The application data is migrated first, in order to run the financial applications. Sometimes, you may require additional configurations.
  • The Release information must be read, for the SAP Simple Finance add-on as well as the Release Scope Information.

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