How to Update SAP S4 HANA with New SAP EHP 7 Features

Enterprises using SAP software sometimes need extended flexibility through enhancement packages. These enhancement packages offer additional features, functions and technical improvements conducive to their existing requirements. Moreover, it is very simple for such enterprises to import new features into their current SAP system landscape. With the help of a few efforts, involving affordable cost and manageable downtime, they can upgrade their existing SAP software.

The users can incorporate new business functions via the Switch Framework. The SAP S4 HANA enhancement packages contain updated functions and features for both generic as well as industry-specific processes. SAP remits bundles containing enhanced business software functionalities to existing users every two years on regular or quarterly basis.

The New functions in EHP 7 for SAP ERP 6.0

  1. Enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 provides more than 100 new functions. This is the first enhancement package that can be optimized for both the SAP HANA database as well as the traditional certified databases.
  2. SAP has expanded the tenure for mainstream maintenance to the end of 2020. This includes SAP Business Suite and the enhancement packages, meaning that customers’ software investments are safe and productive.
  3. The latest enhancement packages minimize the adjustment effort for the users, who want to update their SAP Business Suite to the SAP HANA in-memory platform.

Enhancement Package 7 Contains all Added Functions

The latest Enhancement packages 7 is cumulative and contains all previously delivered enhancements besides the new ones. Thus the total number of advanced functions comes at more than 750 functions under this release.

SAP S4 HANA Inculdes Previously Added Functions

  1. The earlier version of enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 contained the option to deactivate certain business functions, which were activated previously.
  2. Release of the new enhancement package coincides earlier packages such as package 3 for SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM 7.0) and SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM 7.0) besides SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM 7.0). All these functions are also optimized for SAP HANA.
  3. The new functions contained in SAP enhancement package 7 also include the latest version of the SAP Commodity Management and SAP Convergent Charging 4.0 solutions. However, customers and users willing to implement these solutions are compulsorily required to participate in the SAP Ramp-Up program.
  4. SAP enhancement package 7 contains several new functions for financial accounting, human resources, logistics and quality management. Other key functions include cross-application functions and improvements in SAP Master Data Governance besides manager self-service (MSS).

EHP 7 Contains Three New Key Features

The latest enhancement package 7 contains three more features which are considered very significant. These new features include a SAP Fiori collection of apps, MRP (Material requirements planning) runs powered by SAP HANA, and technologies for implementing data aging concepts with SAP HANA. Thus, SAP S4 HANA provides you with the latest improvements to simplify your business functions and performance.

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