Guide to Apply for USA Visa

Guide to apply USA Visa

Thinking of travelling to the USA? Whenever you think of travelling to another country, the first thing that strikes in mind is Passport and Visa. Passport and Visa are two most important  documents as it authorizes you to travel to another country. So, travelling to abroad without a passport and visa is not possible. Applying for the visa might seem to be complex, but it may look simple too, if proper instructions are followed for applying visa. Even when you have to apply for a passport, you need to follow certain instructions carefully so as to get it as soon as possible. Nowadays, there are many consultants who provide great help to apply for Visa to many countries such as USA.

First of all, you need to ensure that whether you are eligible to apply for a USA Visit Visa or not. You need to give a valid reason for your visit to the USA. You need to follow proper steps of procedure to apply for the visa as well as passport. There are some international travelers who do not need to apply for visa again and again, but for that they need to meet with some of the important requirements.

Step by step process for Visa Application to USA:

    1. Collect a digital photograph:

Visa application form can be filled online now, there is no need to visit the visa department for this purpose. In order to fill the form, you need to upload your recent digital picture that should be clicked six months prior to the moment you are filling the form. The picture should be of high quality. Some of the points that need to be considered while uploading a picture are:

  • The picture must be clicked on a white or off-white color background.
  • It must be a colored picture, not black and white.
  • Eyes must be fully open in the picture.
  • The picture must cover the full face.
  • The extension in which the picture must be saved is JPEG format.


      2. Fill the Visa Application Form:

It is the most important step of applying visa to USA. Application form DS-160 must be filled carefully, any false information filled in the form can lead to cancellation of your visa. Make sure to fill this form online. No hand outs form are accepted by the visa officials. Once you fill the application form properly, a confirmation page with 10 digit barcode is displayed. You need to take the print out of that page. For scheduling an appointment at the Embassy or OFC, you would need the confirmation page. It is important to ensure that you print the confirmation page with the high quality printers such as ink-jet printer, laser printer, etc.

   3. Pay fees for US Visa Application:

Whether it is a child or an adult, everyone has to pay the fees for Machine Readable Visa and this fee can neither be refunded nor can be transferred. Fees remain valid for one year. Paying a fee for application never assures that you will be getting a visa for the USA. Payment of fees can be done via three ways, such as NEFT transfer, payment at Citibank or axis bank and Mobile payments.

   4. Scheduling appointments:

Once you pay the fees, next step is to schedule appointments at the Off-site Facilitation Center and at the Consulate or Embassy. At OFC, you need to submit your biometric information like photo, and fingerprints. At the Embassy, you need to give your personal interview for Visa approval. Make sure that you schedule an appointment for a long time prior to your travel as the results of approval might take long time.

   5. Appointment at OFC:

Make sure that you schedule the appointment before two-three days of appointment at the Embassy. There are five OFC centers and you can apply for OFC at any one of them.

   6. Personal Interview at the Embassy:

Only those people who fall in the minor category or those are above the age of 80 years don’t need to appear for the personal interview for Visa approval. Only the applicants who have applied can enter the Embassy by following particular security measures. Once your visa gets approved, you will get your visa from the post office mentioned on the USTravelDocs website.

The type of Visas you can apply under the USA Visit Visa:

         1. Immigrant Visa:

If you are planning to stay permanently in USA and wants to be a temporary resident till you get permanent resident, then you must apply for an immigrant visa.

        2. Non-immigrant Visa:

If your visit to the USA is temporary i.e. for education, medical treatment or for travelling purpose, then it is important to apply for non-immigrant type of visa. Non-immigrant visas are also referred to as B-1 or B-2 visas.

Documents required for the process of Visa application to USA:

        i) Passport.
ii) Proof of purpose of visit
iii) Proof of financial status.
iv) Income tax proofs and income proof.
v) Confirmation page of interview for Visa.
vi) Statements of bank
vii) Letter of invitation

Therefore, to apply for USA Visit Visa, you need to follow all the important steps carefully so that your visa gets approved by the visa officials. Once your visa gets approved, you can visit USA and stay in USA for the specific time period you are allowed to stay there.

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