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Since Canada is the second largest country in the world and largest country in Northern America, therefore, numerous people immigrate to Canada almost every year. Having total population of around 33 million people, half of the population in Canada has come from the different corners of the world. Because Canada is popular for its multi-lingual as well as multi-cultural lifestyle, therefore people don’t find it difficult to get adjusted in Canada. People immigrate to Canada for a number of reasons like education, employment opportunities, spending vacations, medical treatment, and much more.

Planning to immigrate to Canada? If you are planning to immigrate to Canada and you cannot wait much to immigrate there, you need not worry at all. Know about the fastest and effortless ways of immigrating to 

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Discussed below are some of the fastest, yet effortless ways of immigrating to Canada:


Work permit with a job offer: It is one of the easiest ways to get entry to Canada. Get a work permit visa with a job offer and make your move to Canada. To get the work permit visa, you need to be a skilled employer i.e. you should have passed out from a recognized university and you should have work experience as well. If you have both, get in touch with a Canadian employer and ask if they have some job opening for you. Getting work permit visa also increases your chances of becoming a permanent citizen of Canada.

Study permit visa: If you or your parents can afford your study at the best universities in Canada, then it can be the amazing way to get entry to Canada. A number of students immigrate to Canada every year because of the excellent study programs offered at the top universities of Canada. Consult Canada immigration consultants to get admission in the best universities of Canada. But getting a student visa won’t make it possible for you to get permanent residence automatically. Once you complete your studies, you would get to know the way to get permanent residence in Canada as well.

Marrying a Canada-born citizen: It may sound strange that marrying a Canada-born boy or girl can get you the permanent residence but it is absolutely true. Start dating a Canadian boy or girl and get married to them. After marrying a Canada-born citizen, you are eligible to apply for the permanent citizenship in Canada.

International Experience Canada: International Experience Canada that is also considered as Working Holiday visa allows people between the age group of 18 years to 35 years to visit Canada. If you get the IEC visa, it means that you have obtained an open work permit and you don’t need to avail job offers like work permit visa requires. But this visa can be availed only by a few countries like Norway, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, etc.

Staying in touch with the Canada Immigration consultants is the ideal option for immigrating to Canada effortlessly. Contact LCC Info Tech that is the most renowned and best immigration consultants who can assist you in immigrating Canada without any hassles.

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