Some of the FAQ of Business Visa

If you are planning to get a business visa, then there will be a personal interview at the US embassy with the visa applicant. Some of common questions they ask you, are mentioned below. It is not that tough, so you do not need to panic. The questions asked are not at all related to your project. All the questions asked would be basic and very common.

Some of the FAQ of business Visa:

Q1. What is purpose of going to US?

Ans: To promote and do well in business

Q2. For how long you would like to visit?

Ans: It would be for a month or two

Q3. When you will be travelling?

Ans: I will be travelling within 15 days from now

Q4. Could you please show me the invitation letter to US?

Ans: Yes, sure, why not, I am carrying it along

Q5. How did you get this letter?

Ans: I got this letter from the embassy of US

Q6. How much do you earn?

Ans: I earn approximately 50,000 per month

Q7. In this case, please answer in actual currency you earn, do not try to convert it to Ans: US dollar

Q8. Do you pay income tax?

Ans: Yes, I do

Q9. What is the objective of your visit?

Ans: I am visiting US for a business purpose, even more I have relatives over there whom I am planning to visit

Q10. What will you do on your return?

Ans: After returning also I will manage my business and try taking it to a new level

Q11. How much will be your visit cost?

Ans: My visiting cost would be almost 4 Lakhs

Q12. Who will pay for your visit?

Ans: I myself will be doing the same. I will not be taking anyone’s help

These were some of the basic and important questions that can be asked in the embassy. You really do not need to be prepared for this as they are basic questions.

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