How does Canada Visa Immigration Process Take Place?

Canada Visa Immigration Process

Canadian visa refers to the official document that one must acquire before entering Canada legally. It’s mainly for those people who are not a citizen of Canada or are yet not legal and permanent citizens of the country. For all the other persons that are wishing to study or work in Canada or even if they want to visit Canada, they need to obtain a Canadian Visa. But getting a visa to study or work is more difficult.

How to get a student visa?

First of all, you have to be a foreign student to apply for a Canadian student visa. Be it student visa or any other visa, a lot of patience is required from your side. It will at least require around 4-6 months for you to gather all the  information that is required for the processing of the application of the student visa.

For all those who are interested in applying for the student visa, before going to submit your application for student visa you must have an official proof of acceptance by the school and college in Canada as student to qualify the visa.The evidence that you must show is has to be accepted by an establishment in Canada and to to provide the visa office with an official letter of confirmation from the reputed institution. You can also seek help from Immigration Consultants for Canada to get a student visa.

Canada Family Immigration

When you are given a Canadian visa as a visitor, you are expected to receive a temporary resident visa as well, when you apply for the first time. You don’t have to go through all sorts of extra paperwork to obtain a  temporary residence visa.

Work visas for Canada are nothing more than an official document that is approved by the government to work in their countries. Though, your work visa is not equal to your permanent residence visa and you can remain in Canada for a long time as your work permit will be valid for a certain period. After that, you must either return back to your country or renew your work visa. But in all the cases of acquiring a work visa you will need a confirmation from your employer that you have been officially accepted for a job before actually going ahead with the request.

Canada Visa Immigration Process

The process has been divided into two steps

Filling and submission of application

The first step involves the filling of applications and submitting it along with various other supporting documents like Medical Certificate, Passport copies, Language Proficiency Certificate, Educational Documents, etc. Also the following information is taken into consideration by the Canadian Immigration Officers while they review your application.

  • The applicants must offer proof of their eligibility
  • The applicants must provide proof related to their minimum passing marks
  • The applicants must provide all the supporting documents in written
  • The applicants need to be clear in explaining how they satisfy all the requirements that are provided by NOC


Filing at the Canadian visa post
During the second stage, the applicants need to ensure the following points.

  • The applicants must be ready to answer all the queries related to their documents to high commission
  • The applicants must be ready for a medical check up
  • If asked by high commission, The applicants  must be ready to provide with fees
  • The applicants must provide all the documents, which are essential in the Canadian immigration Visa process

As told before also, you can always consult  Immigration Consultants for Canada to get visa. One such Best Immigration Consultants for Canada in Hyderabad is LCC InfoTech. They are the largest and leading immigration consultancy. They have a team of experts that help to make your dream to flying Canada come true.

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