Canada is indeed a very beautiful country. Many migrants shift to Canada every year may be for education or residing. There are many lively cities which welcome lots of migrants every year. It is one of the best travel destinations of the world. This nation is also known to have a business friendly environment. Every visitor will have to have a visiting pass for Canada. Canada travel visa is a must for visiting Canada. This country has got lots of business and employment opportunities. Every worker or employer is very handsomely paid.

Basic requirements for travel visa to Canada:

  • You must have genuine travel documents like passport
  • You must be medically fit to fly to Canada
  • Must not have any kind of crime or immigration related conviction
  • You should be able to convince officials about their ties back, which will persuade you to return back to your native country or nation
  • If you wish to get a travel visa to Canada, you must have enough fund to support your living over there as you cannot seek any public fund fro Canadian government

About ETA in terms of travel visa Canada:

From March 15, 2016 onwards, all individuals with passport who wish to fly to Canada must have a valid and relevant ETA document. Travel visa Canada is not that easy to avail. It requires a lot of procedure. Applying for ETA is quite simple and affordable. You will instantly receive the authorization few minutes after you have registered for it.

Travel visa for Canada had to be completely up to date if you are planning to fly to Canada. The last minute hassle will be quite risky for you. It is always suggested to keep all your documents related to travel visa for Canada all in one place before travelling.