Canada is known for family reunification and LCC encourages people to take Family sponsorship Canada to stay with their loved ones. We understand that living with the family is the most precious feeling. Therefore, we have skilled consultants to make the process of Family visa for Canada uncomplicated and stress-free.

Spousal Visa Program

A person who is living in Canada as a permanent resident can sponsor his/her partner. Same-sex married partners will also get equal rights for this Family visa for Canada program, if their marriage was performed legally in Canada or outside.

Dependent child visa program:

Canada encourages family ties. Canada Family Class Visa program is planned to reunite dependent children with their parents in Canada. Residents of Canada can sponsor or apply for this program to stay with their children who are 19 or below 19. After the approval of Canada Family Visa, dependent children can join up their parents also study and work in Canada.

Grandparental and Parental Visa:

This program allows Grandparents and parents to be sponsored by their grandchildren and children to stay and live in Canada. It is also known as Super visa. Canada Family Class Visa is another fabulous way to live with the family. Approval of Super Visa allowed the applicant to live, study or work in Canada as a permanent resident.

Family-based regional nominee visa:

This Canada Family Visa permits Canadian citizens or permanent residents situated in the particular region to sponsor their qualified family members for the permanent citizenship in Canada.

Listed provinces:-

  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan

LCC has been always ready to make this hectic task easier and hassle-free for you. We provide suggestions and guidance to get instant approval of Family sponsorship Canada and visa.